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Clamp Type Tiller

HomeClamp Type Tiller

·         It’s designing is for tough work and operates as a Chisel Plough.

·         The tiller has heavy duty Tynes for positive penetration.

·         It breaks up hard top soil, uproots stubbles and leaves the ground perfectly worked.

·         It is particularity useful for paddy cultivation areas requiring shallow ploughing on hard clayey cracked up soil.

·         In such places it prepares seed bed faster than ploughing.

·         The main benefit of this Tiller is it’s all the Tynes are adjustable.

·         This Tiller is Successful for each and every type of Soil whether that can be for Light, Medium or Tough Soil.


Frame (mm) 72×6 Box & 65×6 Angle Centre Support
Length (mm / Inches) 2010 (79″) 2468 (97″)
Width (mm) 765
Height (mm) 1055
Tyne (mm) Fabricated Single piece 20/22/25/28
Shovels 3 Hole Reversible
3 Point Linkage (mm) 65×16 Front & 50×16 Rear
Weight Approx (Kg) 270 330