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Spring Loaded Cultivators

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·         It is simple in design but very effectively in its performance.

·         It has been specially designed for the light and medium soils.

·         The tynes are fitted with the spring steel braces of 57×7 which resists bending strains in tynes and ensures that spring loaded tines are accurately spaced for best operation.

·         These assemblies are fitted in Strong main frame of two rolled angles.

·         The dual spring loaded tines fully match the main frame in strength.


Frame (mm) Square Pipe (50x50x5) / Angle (50x50x10 or 65 x 65 x 8)
Length (mm / Inches) 1676 (66″) 2134 (84″) 2591 (102″)
Tyne 25″ x 19mm (Forged)
Spring (mm) WD 9.2 x OD 48 (27 Coils)
Shovel 3 Hole Reversible
3 Point Linkage (mm) 50×12 (Front & Rear)
Pairs (mm) 57×7
Toggle Assembly (mm) 32×6
Tiller Pin 7/8
Approx Weight (Kg) 145/153 185/195 225/237